Public Outreach Activities
  • Prepare comprehensive public involvement and communication plans
  • Create and maintain comprehensive stakeholder databases and project contact lists
  • Provide media relations support
  • Develop outreach materials (fact sheets, display advertisements, newsletters, comment forms, sign-in sheets, exhibit boards, etc.)
  • Develop multi-media presentations (narrated and recorded PowerPoint presentations, virtual meeting rooms, story boards)
  • Develop and distribute notifications
  • Create and distribute Every Door Direct Mailouts
  • Develop and distribute newsletters
  • Create and manage surveys, including providing analytics and reporting
  • Develop and deliver key messages to target audiences
  • Maximize social media to encourage public involvement
  • Logistics and staffing for in-person and virtual public meetings and hearings, workshops, community events, meetings with affected property owners, advisory committees, and stakeholder meetings
  • Provide meticulous and comprehensive documentation, including coordination of response to comments for reporting and direct stakeholder response

Meeting Facilitation
  • Coordinate meetings and events to help develop informed consent amongst stakeholders and improve the decision-making process
  • Listen to needs, concerns and priorities of a wide range of stakeholders and help organize group decisions that lead to consensus
  • Lead discussions to decisions by using active listening and questioning that helps focus the group to the meeting goals
Virtual Meeting Room Creation

Create and manage virtual, interactive meeting rooms, including full room design, importation of project exhibits, presentations, audio, and other materials for ease of use by participants
Recent meeting room example:

Spanish Translation
  • Provide Spanish translation services on materials and notifications, including technical content
  • Provide interpretation services for meetings
  • Provide voice over narration
NEPA Process Support
  • Proven NEPA process support and navigation
  • Utilize approved TxDOT environmental public involvement toolkit for notifications and reporting
  • Employ a multi-faceted public involvement approach allowing stakeholders a range of input opportunities, the ability ask questions and become educated
  • Target outreach for elected and public officials, affected property owners, historical, environmental and special interest groups
  • Focus efforts on underserved populations, as well as identified Environmental Justice and Limited English Proficiency populations

Graphic Design
  • Offers creation and development of public involvement materials, maps, charts, visualizations, logos and other graphic needs
  • Experience in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop
  • Project area and event photography
Drove Photography / Video Editing
  • FAA compliant, licensed commercial drone pilot on staff (Part 107 certified)
  • Delivers high-quality drone-based images, video and data for analysis, surveying, mapping, and more