Firm Profile

Nancy Ledbetter & Associates, Inc. (NLA) is a public outreach, planning and communications consulting firm with a proven record of public involvement success on transportation projects in Texas. Formed in 2002 and incorporated in 2003, NLA integrates a thorough understanding of transportation and planning issues with superb public outreach skills. NLA informs and engages the public through a transparent public involvement process that is responsive, responsible and effective. NLA successfully works on municipal, county, mobility authority, toll authority, state and federal funded projects in both rural and urban areas. The team has experience working in a wide array of public outreach platforms, including transportation, habitat conservation, water conservation and environmental remediation projects.

Our focused expertise in transportation projects is proven. We have worked on all phases of project development, from conceptual planning, feasibility, transportation plans, transportation improvement programs to major investment studies, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, construction engineering inspection, and construction projects. NLA specializes in a variety of project scopes, from smaller to statewide overarching projects and has successful experience schematic design projects and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. NLA is well established in the State of Texas working on projects in many regions throughout the state since 2003, working with 22 of the 25 TxDOT Districts across the state as well as multiple other local and state agencies.